This is how the reading habit in your child is formed.

1 - 6 months Respond to sound and words
6 - 9 months Able to enjoy rhymes
9 - 12 months Able to recognize words fast
1 - 1½ years Able to enjoy and identify pictures
1½ - 2 years Begin to turn over pages
2 - 2½ years Able to correct storyline and repeat words
2½ - 3½ years Able to tell stories using his own words
3½ - 4 years Requests for same stories to be repeated
4 - 5 years Begin questioning about stories told
5 - 6 years Identify and show specific words
6 years Starts reading and is ready for school


Cognitive Development

At this age, the physical development of your child's brain cannot be controlled but you can determine on what they learn. At this stage, you must help your child with his cognitive development

The cognitive development of a child from the time he's born till the age of TWO is strong

It is also proven that when the child is FOUR years old, 50% of the cognitive development is formed.

At the age of EIGHT, 80% of cognitive development is formed.

A 100% of cognitive development is achieved at the age of EIGHTEEN

* According to Dr. Benjamin S. Bloom, Education Professor of Chicago University




* According to Dr. Burton L.White, Project Manager of Harvard Preschool.


Mental and Emotional Development

This is a classroom situation. The picture depicts a healty mental and emotional development in the children. Whereas, this picture depicts an unhealty mental and emotional development although the children receive enough love and attention at home.
They are active and willing to learn
 They are diligent
They can be discussed with
They are inactive and unwilling to learn.
They are lazy
They are slow
"From the time your child is born, till the age of 18, 25% of his time influenced by the school enviroment, whereas 75% of his time is under the influence of family"

Learning Techniques

Listening and Observing ( watching ):The BEST Learning Technique

In a study done by education experts, listening and observing (watching) process in learning proved to be the best and most effective way to learn. It enables deep understanding and absorption and effectively stores 65% of the subject learnt.


We learn by REPETITION

Repetition is the first principle of learning. The below shows a study on 100 children who learnt without repetition.
After 24 hours 25% of them forgot the word
After 48 hours 50% of them forgot the word
After 4 days 85% of them forgot the word
After 16 days 98% of them forgot the word

* According to William J. Tobin


The physical development of the brain

When born (¼ of the size) 18 months (½ of the size) 6 years (9/10 of the size) Adult (Fully)
You must pay a lot of attention at this age At this age, his brain is developing fast You can determine what your child learns at this age At this age, your child will continue to learn and improvise

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